More information about the setting of “The Song of Asteria”. Maps, etc.


The Empire of Tai Pan: Empire of Artificial beings that are the elevated essence of humanity favoring logic and order. Their society is divided into castes with Artificial beings being rated 1st Class with the most rights and the 3rd class being the un-augmented humans and tatya hini with little to no rights, they are considered just barely above animals.

GSC: Galatic Standard Calendar.

Jord : One of the home systems of the tatya hini. It’s only habitable planet is also called, “Jord”.

Minya Hini or the First Children. : The gods of the tatya hini. This unknown species engineered the creation of the Tatya hini and many of the planetary systems in this sector of the galaxy.

Piyapon: One of the habitable planets of Kowloon System. Capital planet of the Solarity of Kowloon.

The Solarity of Kowloon: A special political region of the Empire of Tai Pan containing multiple planetary systems: Kowloon; Heled; Gor Gozen; and Kotoku.

Tatya hini or Second Children (plural) – Humans came into this sector of the galaxy and saw the tatya hini, dubbing them “Elves” for the magical creatures of Earth mythology. much to the dismay of tatya hini everywhere in the sector.

Tatya hinya – Singular. Second Child.

Wangdaio Colonies: A 10 system group of colonies that fell to civil war and alien invasion during a massive communications black out following the disappearance of their Prime Minister, Ayana Morita in 3010 GSC.



“Shroud” – A stealth suit that bends light and hides thermal signatures to conceal the wearer saw.


Lukina as a half-elf has some affinity for magic but limits her usage to enhancement and illusion magic to conceal her location with her technology.

Bhelith as a tatya hini of Jord, is of a noble house of Artificers that ties magic into objects and weapons.