Name:  Lady Bhelith Arleigh
Age:  163
Species: Tatya hinya (Elf)
Occupation: Duchess of Kowloon and Lord Empress of the Free Companies
Former Organizations:  Captain of the Liang Royal Guard, Commander of the Tatya Hinya Revolutionary Army
Family:  Teneval Arleigh (Older Brother), Johnathon Izgrimmer (Lover), Nimue Arleigh (Daughter)

Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Gold
Height:  5’11”
Weight:  165lbs

Personality:  Known as Bhelith the Blackspear, or Bhelith tu Andlles Arleigh, for her daring and courageous deeds on the battlefield, the Duchess of Kowloon is as inspiring as she is mysterious.  She is steadfast in her duties but flexible in actual rulership, practical but with an occasional flair for the whimsical and theatrical.  The third child of an old tatya noble house, she carries with her the honor and the prestige of an name older than most human families.

As tatya hinya go, she has been a progressive ruler, accepting any and all of the various species to her banner and by all accounts she is a fair, if somewhat eccentric, monarch.