After the departure of the deep space colony vessel, UESS Pioneer from Earth in 2378 GSC, the vessel vanished into a fold space-time vortex after their fold drive was sabotaged. The Pioneer lost contact with Earth and re-emerged in another sector of the Milky Way in 2551 GSC. Humanity was forced to innovate and forge ahead to survive. In their new home, humans encountered alien nations and militaries capable of performing miracles (magic) and possessing technology the likes of which they had never seen.

The year is 3017 and tensions are rising between the human, The Interstellar Alliance; the technologically elevated essence of humanity, the Empire of Tai Pan; the giant horned, Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu; and the blue desert planet denizens of the Gartagen Union as mysterious outsiders manipulate the nations towards war.

The Song of Asteria is a science fiction – fantasy genre comic that follows the rise of Lord Empress Bhelith Blackspear of the Solarity of Kowloon and one of her retainers, Lukina Petrora, as they forge a new future and nation free of the oppression of gods and the Empire of Tai Pan. Action, romance, magic and technology collide.

Based on characters in the Shattered Universe roleplaying community.