Just a quick note, Sintija’s outfit was designed by ธชาพิมพ์ ชัชวาลธิติวัฒน์ otherwise known as Popza10cm on Deviant Art. When we reimagined Sintija and Malik for a more science fantasy setting, I looked to the Final Fantasy series worlds for inspirations of light technology and magic living in a type of harmony.


I had a hard time picturing the outfit she would be wearing on Jord so I started looking through Outfit adoptables on Deviantart for inspiration. I found this particular outfit and thought it would be perfect for Sintija. =)  So much so that I bought the commercial rights to it. I’m not used to using pre-made artwork for my characters but, it helps to look outside the box. The outfit adoptable community on Deviantart is particularly talented with fashion design so I found it was best to leave this to the professionals.

~ Kim