Hey, Mike here again.  I just realized, since Kim scheduled all of these, she’s technically the author of these little comic blogs!  But, you’ve got me again this week.  ;p

Since I’ve spent some of the weekend putting my personal finances in order, I figured I’d mention that Kim & I are currently gunning for a booth at Kawaii Kon in April of next year!  We’ve got a ways to go before that, but if we keep going at the page-a-week pace we have been setting, having something to sell will be very doable, and we’ll be set up with a few comics, a few journals (with art prints on the front), and whatever else we can come up with for the table.  It’s going to be my first con ever.  I’ve never actually gone to one, though Kim’s been to dozens, so I’m going to keep my ears perked and my tail bushy and see how it goes.  Really looking forward to it.

I’ve also applied for classes in November, and have spent some of this weekend sorting out financial aid.  I’m going for a BBA!  Life takes strange turns sometimes, but we’re planning on turning Shattered Universe into a sort of franchise, like some of the Pathfinder, or D&D settings.  A lot of my own inspiration for that comes from some of my own obsession with Forgotten Realms.  For a pretty significant portion of my life, I’ve been playing City of Arabel, a Neverwinter Nights persistent server that’s currently transitioning into NWN: Enhanced Edition’s server formatting.  Therese, one of our contracted artists, actually DMs there, which is how we met.  It’s a small world!

Anyway, that’s where most of my lore-nuttery comes from.  We hope to make Shattered Universe just about as rich as Forgotten Realms, or Pathfinder’s adventure setting, and it’s a really big inspiration to us.  A person has to start somewhere.

I’ll see you next Wednesday with another comic update.

Until Next,


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