Hey again!  Week two here, so here’s the second page of the comic.

Kim and I actually had another reference for our artist for the ship in panel 5, but Nicoy does some really awesome concept work, and we ended up getting sold on her idea of a “birdship”.

When we were writing the roleplay that this replay is loosely based upon, we were very sold on the idea of “Science Fantasy” as opposed to “Science fiction”.  Rather than having a setting where technology operated on hard, scientific rules, we were kind of sold on the idea that ‘technology, sufficiently advanced, can resemble magic.’  In our universe, while there are some elements of science fiction like starships, laser guns, and so on, they hold place sometimes with wondrous powers or events that originally stem from a peculiar planet – Jord, home of the Tatiya Hini, who resemble elves so closely that when they were discovered humanity simply named them so, and the name stuck.

Magic, therefore, does operate in this setting on some scientific principle, but that principle isn’t commonly known or utilized.  Admittedly, we originally wanted armor because armor is cool, but the armor actually serves a purpose.  Voss’s armor is made of marium, which is a material that does not conduct magicSo, although in these panels and the pages that follow Voss looks rather anachronistic, he is actually properly dressed for where he’s going!

Kim and I also spent a lot of time this weekend playing Dragon Age:  Origins.  >_>  Make of that what you will.

I also wanted to mention something about the banners in the third panel; we actually forgot to provide her references for the emblemson the flags so she pulled them from the Shattered-Universe website.  The flag on the left is for an organization called “S6”, and the one on the right is the Interstellar Alliance flag.


S6 logo designed by Trainscanflytooart. Interstellar Alliance Flag by J. Lambly. – Both used with permission.