Man, it totally drives me nuts how good Nicoy is with the scenery art.  I really like the way she does trees for some reason.

Also in this page, more of Lukina’s wild hair.  Kim mentioned this in the last page’s post, but man, her hair is everywhere.

This page we wanted to sort of lead into the next series of pages.  You could say that the first seven pages is a sort of segment, and then there are another seven or eight pages after it that are a segment, and then that’s basically the first issue of Song of Hope, all done up and sitting pretty.

The website is also doing quite well for itself.  College has been hectic.  But if I’m a little buried in it, I know that Kim is up to her ears, and she still finds time to schedule these updates.  Couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Cheers, and enjoy the artwork!