Hey!  So I missed my deadline for this blog post.  I’ve got a terrible memory, despite having plugged this into Google calendar.

As a bit of forewarning (or maybe some news?) I’m going back to school!  This November, I’ll be going for my first Bachelors of Science – Business Administration, with a focus in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the comic is going to slow down to one page every two weeks from next week and forward; part of my monthly budget will be going to paying for college.

I’ve tried to go to college a couple times and didn’t do so well.  First I went for English – then for Engineering – then I was pursuing a bachelors of arts, in Philosophy.  I knew that I always wanted to write, and I had never expected that I would be getting a degree that would make me money.  My heart wasn’t really in my studies, and that reflected in my grades.  The difference this time is that I am genuinely interested in what I am studying – I would like to help the Shattered Universe community, filled with creative people just like Kim and I, turn their hobbies into meaningful endeavors like comics, books, manga, and other forms of multimedia.

We have (as you can see) already had some modest success in this particular quest, and I can only hope that we will continue to see a good path forwards, onward and upwards.

Now, as to these scenes in the comic – Nicoy has been excessively creative with the ship design in panel 2 and panel 3, and we were glad to take her suggestions about the separation between Malik and Sintija (the elfess in panels 3/4).  Malik and Sintija is a story that Kim and I have been writing almost since we became partners, and it’s something that’s rather dear to both of us.  We’re actually looking at finishing our book near the end of November, and the end is in sight.  We’ve only got about five or six chapters left, and we typically hammer out whole chapters when we can get sat down to write together.  I’ll admit that sometimes I lose steam, but she is always very encouraging.  I am going to promote it shamelessly when we finish it.

As to the ship that is depicted in panel 5 – that’s the work of James Lambly, who is drawing his own comic which he hasn’t yet published to the web.  Nicoy took his ship design and simply redrew it; the design is his.  That’s the Asteria itself, and he did a marvelous job at it.

As always, thank you for reading!