Kim said, “I am currently out of town but Mike should be positing something for the blog post today.”


I have trouble keeping track of time.

I’ll share a little update with the lot of you which is that, quite recently (8/3/19) we went to the Honolulu Comic Con in Hawaii, and met the lead cast of The Dragon Prince.  We actually handed the first issue of our comic to Jason Simpson, who voices Lord Viren!

That moment drove a lot home for me – how far we’ve come with the comic, how great Kim’s been managing this website, and how big the future seems to be.  At least it can be said, this has been a blast to produce, and it was great to meet everyone over there.

If nobody’s given The Dragon Prince a watch, I’d highly recommend it.  It looks like a show for young adults (and it sort of is), but it’s got a lot of high class feels and is produced (and partially voiced in Jack DeSena’s case) by some of the folks who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Definitely worth attention.  I know I’m waiting on Season 3 pretty hard.