Here we are establishing the council meeting of the Dukes and Chancellory of the Solarity of Kowloon. These characters are a mix of new characters and cameos but the first view of the Taianese Dragon Form, the Angels, the ArchMagisters of Kowloon and Gartagen Nobility. I was about to say the first introduction of Gartagen but Creature had his first informal introduction on the last page. =)

The Dragon Form, Jae Le is a Visual Novel character making his first appearance here.

Jonathan and Fate are characters written normally in Shattered Universe by V. Nyugen (CadetNewb).

Fate was originally created by Cora.

Teneryth Willowquill (Elf in Green) was originally created, drawn and written by D. Wilson (Kokuten/Bilgecrank).

Redack Dies (Purple Gartagen) was created by A. Garret (Ira).