So, what is this comic, exactly?

This comic is what some people in the gaming industry would call a “Replay” – it’s a creative adaptation of a role playing game that Kim, our contributors, and I, played through several years ago.  We have faced the unique challenge of sorting through miles and miles of RP logs and posts to come up with the finished work that we’re presenting to you now.  While some people might think that the story is written for us, it’s actually been quite a trip changing medium.  Where a writer can describe a scene in detail, we have had to really cut our imaginations down into concise narrations, which our artist – Nicoy – translates into the beautiful images and the various panels that you see in our comic today.  Nicoy has been a very special partner, and the work she has produced is magnificent.  I cannot help but get excited for every update.

I wanted to take the time to really thank the members of Shattered-Universe.com again for their help and their support – without them, none of this would have been possible or even something that I would have ever thought about doing.  Originally, I had wanted to be a published novel writer, but fate seems to have kicked me in another direction, as it often does.

For this, and many other things, I should especially thank Kim, who is much more experienced in this industry than I am.  After a big upheaval where I changed jobs, states, and my whole style of living, I was able to become financially stable.  Rather than spending the money on myself, my first instinct was to pay for her comic script’s debut, so that her dreams could be realized more fully.  Alas, however, she suggested that I pay for one that we would both write ourselves, which has been a lot more work than I bargained for!  But, without Kim, this would never have been possible at all, and she has been a pleasure to work with.  Only she knows how much.

Still, money can’t replace work, so to a great extent this comic is one of the ways that I show how much I care about her and about the stories we have created over the last six or seven years.  Though I often fail my deadlines and sometimes it’s very hard to get motivated enough to look at the script over and over again, and I’m sure by now she’s gotten very tired of my constant tweaks and opinion changing, I know that she and the entire community appreciates the effort that we’ve been putting into this.

So to all of you roleplayers out there, particularly the members of Shattered-Universe.com – don’t limit yourselves.  Reach for the stars, and sometimes you’ll hit a cloud or two on your way down.

Please enjoy our comic.

With love, and sincere regard,