I didn’t realize that we had suddenly gone a little NSFW, despite having wrote that page my own self, until I saw Kim share the image with the NSFW tag on Twitter.

Then for some reason it clicked. Oooooooh. Riiiiight. Nudity.

I don’t know what that says about me (or us, really) as writers. But, hey. Whatever. It’s a mature comic with some mature topics hidden behind some really excellent drawing skill. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at that perspective.

Nicoy makes me want to throw my entire paycheck at her. This is not very wise, however, as I still need to eat actual food.

Anyway, next step for us will be the cover for Chapter 2, which will come next, and then Kim will work her wizardry and we’ll have the chapter published, just in time for next month’s con we hope. ^^

Thanks for sticking with us. Stay tuned for Chapter 3, Return of the Creature. (Or something like that; went to watch the latest Star Wars movie, and didn’t hate it.)