Hey guys, me again.

So like I think got mentioned earlier, we’ve been doing a page a week for a little while to get a few pages ahead on the comic before we transition into Chapter 3. Chapter 3 has some fun stuff, like fight scenes! (Looking forward to seeing how Nicoy does those). We only got three this month, though.

If nobody realized, Kim’s birthday was a few days ago. Wish her a happy birthday.

I still have to write page 15! (Ehehehe, I am sorry Kim, I have the day off today and it’s on the big list of things I couldn’t do during my normal work schedule). It should be the final page of this chapter of the comic, so I want to do it right and I’m still mulling over just how. We do have the general outline set though, once again due to my writing partner’s foresight and divinity-like planning and discipline.

In other news, lately I’ve dropped 3 dollars on a basic, small sketchbook, which I don’t actually use for sketching. I’ve decided to call it the “car list”. Someone told me once that our memories are somewhat spatially based, and that’s true for me. Every time I sit down in my car, I remember all the stuff I have to do. When I open the door and step out, I forget it all. So now I have a little book in my day bag that’s the car list. I’ve always done well with schedulers but get somewhat figity with them so I figured I’d just make my own from a book of blank paper. Not so much a scheduler as a running to-do list.

Someone else I ran into was talking about using sticky notes, and doing around three important things per day for the small boost of success without draining yourself? Figured I’d try it.

Christmas season’s coming up soon, so the freight’s increased. My day job’s driving a commercial truck, so every time I set foot on the job site, it’s like, an 11-13 hour day now. I’m beginning to doubt my decision to stay in Hawaii. I was getting paid more overall for cross-country, and there was a bed in the truck. And the truck had air conditioning. I have never lived somewhere without air conditioning until now.

Hopefully I’ll survive until next page. See you guys then. – Mike.