A lot of comics open with the violence, or with a punch in the face; back in Chapter 1’s beginning, ours didn’t.  When I think about it, and some of our decisions back then stylistically, it actually reminds me a little of the Empowered comic, by Adam Warren.  It started out as a few sketch commissions of a sexy damsel in distress, became a little popular, and then the story picked up around issue 2 or 3, and became something that I really enjoyed reading.  Similarly, all of our issue 1, to me, feels a lot like a love letter to our artist, Nicoy.  When we handed the issue to Jason Simpson, one of the voice-cast actors of the Dragon Prince Netflix series at our local Honolulu Comic Con, the first comment he made flipping through was that it was beautiful and when writing that issue I really wanted to give Nicoy the ability to embellish.  Some of the pages were even her suggestions, particularly the splash page at the end. 

THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE is where stuff starts getting real, for me.  Someone I read once wrote something like, “when writing about war, don’t write about the big armies or the battles; write about the discarded child’s doll in the street gutter.”  We’ve been hearing a little about this conflict before, but now you get to see it.  ~ Mike.