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This time we’re showcasing the Archmagister, Tenaryth Willowquille, the head of the Magister’s Consortium.

“Magic is just technology we don’t yet understand” is the theme behind the Magisters of Kowloon.  Magic in the Shattered Universe is a weird and fickle thing, often relying on a series of circumstances unachievable to the average Tatiya, and neigh-impossible for the human populace, to the point where the arts have gained a mythology all their own.

The Magisters are chartered to bridge this gap – to study magic, and implement it into a technological form.  Most of Kowloon’s ships employ some form of the Magister’s art, whether in the form of living trees that act as the heart of their space vessels, in navigation systems that ply the Delphic Flow, in intricately detailed guns that can throw sorcery as bullets, or even in enchanted body armor capable of stopping them.

When the Humans came to the Shattered Universe, they discovered a wealth of systems that did not operate on their conventional rules – and understanding those new rules, and manipulating them to their advantage, is how the Kowlani Tatiya Hina have maintained their authority, even in the face of overwhelming odds.