It’s an interesting task to revisit something you wrote a long time ago with fresh eyes. There are nuiances that you’ve overlooked, small typos here and there. Sometimes, you wonder WHY you wrote something a particular way. 

Adapting a roleplay log- well, we call them logs but they are not like a Chat log. 

I do remember a time where I roleplayed online like this:

Lukina: Yesterday at 20:05 *sighs* I… I just don’t know. *looks off to the side* 

These days my online roleplay looks more like: 

Lukina: Yesterday at 20:05

At her core, Lukina knew her true place in the scheme of things. There was a reason for everything that her Lord commanded. She did not understand the reason why. She had lectured Creature on honor and responsibility. What horrible thing would happen if this strange half breed were to live? What would the future hold?

Was she a knight or an assassin? She dropped the spider on the infant and moved back away, mindful of her position in the tent. All of hopes for her future of being something more than a Bloodtree rested on the spider. Her heart was ice as she waited, there was no joy in this task nor her part in it.

Just a nip and it would be done. She knew the camp had no antivenom for this native creature yet. There had been no time to gather it from the capital. An adult could survive but a child this young…

When we adapt this long block of text to a comic script all of that fluff gets removed. Moving to a visual medium from text can be a challenge. You have to decide what makes the most impactful visual and what dialogue piece actually help drive the narrative forward.  

When I started writing comic scripts, I had a dialgoue problem. I just wrote too much of it and my pages were COVERED in words. I’ve learned my lesson since then and have encouraged Mike to do the same. The book can be flowery and have long descriptions of everything since that’s what the reader needs to understand what is going on. That being said, this page was several paragraphs of setting porn. There was also a voice over but Mike thought better of it.