Lukina Aleksasha Petrora was originally created to be a drop-in non-player character in the storyline of Knights of Kowloon. My reasoning for this was that I had college coursework and other commitments between my family and work so I wasn’t sure if I could commit the time to writing her. Over the course of several weeks, I found a balance and was writing more Lukina material than any of my other characters. People seemed to really like interacting with her. I had envisioned her as silent, stoic and over the course of roleplaying her, she opened up. Her history was originally only a few short paragraphs but some of her life and the memories, even her mother, was explored in segments. It was after 3 months of writing her that I was reminded that Lukina was a player character.

I try to add depth to all of my characters and it seems that when it comes to NPCs, people get attached to mine so they become main storyline narrative characters. I definitely didn’t think that a year ago Lukina would be the main focus of a comic. The idea of making a comic with these characters was a bit of an idea. I was resistant because adaptation of written narrative into comic format is time consuming. What works for a book doesn’t always work in comic format. And we have a lot of source material. This script reads slightly differently to how we originally wrote it last year but, the changes make sense and are for the better visually!

I am guilty in many of my earlier comics for being too verbose. I have learned the value of showing and not telling. This was a bit of a compromise in the narrative since we are introducing the setting in this comic. She’s naming places and things but there is no reference point for a new reader. So – we have a long series of short flashbacks to give a taste of things being hectic. The events that made Lukina to be who she is are still vague. Her relationship with her mother is obviously strained but it’ll be something touched on at another point.

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