This comic has been a year in the making. Last year about this time, we were entertaining the idea of making a comic based from what were were writing for our forum roleplay. We liked the idea of seeing out characters drawn but we were concerned about a lot of different things. The roleplay that surrounds these characters is years in the making, though Lukina’s story only started last year. Bhelith and Voss are years in the making but they looked much different than they do now. It’s been an interesting experience adapting roleplay into a comic script and then changing dialogue and paneling for story flow. This was originally called “The Knight of the Twilight” but we settled for a different title, though just as fantasy dramatic. This chapter with Lukina is “A Song of Hope”. It’s about 14-16 pages long, so I look forward to writing more! Some issues will be new material while others will be edited roleplay logs. =) ~ Kim