I am currently writing a Shattered Universe visual novel from the ground up that will be happening in tandem to this particular chapter of Kowloon history. The characters and such will be all new but there will be some Song of Asteria cameos along the way!

Nicoy has agreed to work with me on the artwork for the Visual Novel and I will be mostly doing everything else from scripting to sound work to coding. I will likely VLOG along my indie game development spiral. 😉

As this chapter draws to its conclusion, we will take a short break from regular comic updates to get all of the character reference sheets together for Issue 2 and beyond! There are a lot of characters to show! If you are interested in getting the comic updating more frequently, please consider donating through the Ko-Fi link!

I think all we really need to release this Issue to print format is a cover, so please stay tuned for the release and link to order a copy when it comes available. ~ Kim

~~ Hey, Mike here! Looks like this blog post is getting pretty long!

This week I want to give a shoutout to Vincent Nguyen, who covered my butt pretty handily this month!  I had a couple of unexpected bills hit me about middle of the month, so I couldn’t afford to get this page commissioned, but with his help you’re seeing more of Nicoy’s beautiful artwork, and reading some of our modest writing.

Something cool that I’ve noticed working in the comic book medium as opposed to writing or roleplaying is that as Nicoy has been drawing these scenes, I’ve begun to look at each page and slightly modify it for the artist flow of her designs.  It’s really cool to work with that sort of synergy for me, though sometimes I find it hard to keep up with (yes, even at only two a month!).  ADHD can be a harsh mistress sometimes.

I also would like to thank Kim who encourages me through this sort of thing. Please continue to enjoy our comic.