Name: Lukina Aleksasha Petrora
Age: 23 (Unconfirmed, records were manipulated to allow enlistment in multiple militaries)
Species: Half-tatya hini (Elf)
Occupation: Scout Sniper; Knight
Former Organizations: Uial Lug Free Company; Wangdaio Shouwei forces; Interstellar Alliance Marine Corps
Family: Aleksasha Bloodtree (Mother) ; Makarios Petrora (Father-deceased)

Hair Color: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’​5“​
Weight: 125lbs

Personality:  Reserved, judgmental, secretive, Lukina tends to keep to herself, preferring to relax up in a tree when she has a choice in the matter. She’s a woman of relatively few words when she’s working a mission but will lighten up when there’​s time for her to get a good impression of the situation. She doesn’​t talk about her family or history much, preferring to keep the conversation on more current affairs or Alliance popular culture. ​