Okay so, some updates on us.

We recently attended Amazing Comicon in Honolulu, and it was a hoot. We sold 23 comics! It was the second con I ever attended, and the first time I’d ever sat behind a table. I don’t know if I can compare attending a con, like Kawaii Con, with actually selling something at a con. The vibes are totally different – you end up vibing with other creators, rather than the people attending the con. Both are good experiences for me.

During the con, I sold one print – and it was this print. I bought about 200 postcards to contribute to the table, as well as Kim’s over 500 individual pieces (including some really cute buttons and stickers), so we have some stock now she’s going to put up on her Etsy (click here please), including a couple of limited run, hand-made comic prints of our Chapter 2, and a one-of-a-kind print of a partial-chapter of Salient which includes her Nicola short story.

She was cutting those out and snipping them until 2AM the first day of the con. Book-binding is a hobby of hers and she does it very well. The paper she used was heavy-weight paper, and they came out looking and feeling amazing. Seriously, wow.

So, this filler print is actually of a D&D character of mine that I was playing on the Neverwinter Nights Roleplaying Server, Arelith, in early 2019. The character in question, a Nizana Tel’ar, was an Elistraeean Harper – for anyone unfamiliar with Faerun lore, it basically translates to a divine spymaster. The dragon in the picture was played by a friend of mine, who needed some cheering up and really liked the interplay between our characters, and preferred to have his character represented in her polymorphed form – a dragon.

It’s kind of hard to do anything to someone with a pet dragon.

Anyway, this got printed for the comicon because of a conversation I had with Kim – “If you’re going to make postcards, go for something big, unique, beautiful on its own” was the summary of her instruction to me.

I stopped playing this character because my life got too busy and, honestly, it was too much work to play her. Some of these RP servers can get pretty time consuming and intensive. It’s because they’re engaging, and good, so if you’re into that sort of thing, check them out at http://www.arelith.com. Be warned; it’ll eat your productivity like the dragon in the picture eats sheep.

I’ll see you in a couple weeks.