Like a pre-game maybe? I don’t know.

I was reading somewhere, and, I think it’s true that the Holidays can be a really hard time for some people. I know it’s been a hard time for me recently and, I hope if you’re reading this, I hope the comic update cheers you up some. If you’ve got a really happy holiday, good! If not, I think it all gets better in the Spring, so hold on!

Something really kind of cool happened to me this year. So, although I’ve been trying to straighten up my finances for a while, it hadn’t happened yet; Christmas bonus check was a little short, and the last quarterly bonus wasn’t much. So I had to tell my folks I wouldn’t make it home during the holidays. It’s been a few years since I saw them and I wanted to go, but couldn’t spare the couple thousand that the plane tickets cost. So, I had to make that call home.

My grandfather told me if I could just get the time off of work, he’d call up my brother – who handles the family finances – and ask him to buy the tickets. So it took a week or two of prodding but my company let me off the week (3 days without pay, but 2 vacation days) and so, on the 22nd, I’m flying out back to my home state! On top of that, an old friend of mine from High School ended up calling me last week, and once he learned I’d be back, he promised to drive up and spend an evening or two hanging out.

It will have been a few years. The last time I visited was when I’d just started driving, and that was 3 years ago or so.

Sometimes things work out.

Hope everyone can find a good holiday.