Hello again.

At least the comic updates on time?

I’ve been pretty sick this week. So hey, happy Thanksgiving guys, but like RIGHT AFTER THAT I got sick as a dog. Friday last week, I worked through my shift in a hoodie (at like 76 degrees in Hawaii) and ended up losing it when I got off shift, so I ended up calling out.

And calling out, and calling out.

Eventually on like Tuesday I went to a doctor and got told they really couldn’t do much except mitigate the symtoms. So I spent a lot of time in bed with my phone and sitting around on a computer.

Turns out being forced to do nothing for a long period of time gets you thinking about stuff which leads to weird mid-life criseses. Ever realized you never had goals? Like, whole life, not a single solid goal? Oof. A lot of oof.

Finishing this comic out is a pretty darn good goal to have though, so thanks for joining us! We’re almost at the end of our second issue so I’d say that in terms of “have we done a thing” we are certainly at “doing a thing”. :3

God (insert applicable deity here) bless,